AA 2016 Conference Stories

“We were blessed to be invited to dance for the whole of Anglicans Ablaze, and we are proud to say that everyone ‘loved us’ and invited us back a second time. What a privilege and what a joy it was to express our God-given talents in such a positive and amazing surrounding. Just before we left Cape Town, we went up Table Mountain, which we’ll never forget. Then we went to the beach—Yay! WOW! As we grow up, we hope to be a part of the Anglicans Ablaze Youth Leadership Team. Anglicans Ablaze in Durban, two years from now – here we come!”
–St. John the Divine Orphans and Outreach Delegates, Johannesburg

“During the question and answer session on #LetsTalkAboutSex, a brave young lady got up and told the speaker that she hates men and has difficulty relating to men, as she had been abused from age 4-18. The speaker listened to her intently; and after speaking to this young lady, asked all the males in the room to stand up, as we were going to stand in agreement in asking forgiveness for all the wrong that was committed to this young lady by men. Corporate prayer then followed. I was moved so much that I later asked the young lady if I could give her a ‘daddy hug’ to which she reciprocated. The next day and the following days, I noticed an amazing transformation happening in the life of this young lady, as her face became radiant.”
–Nicholas Joseph Haupt, Cape Town

“I was playing in one of the worship bands. Our sound was outsourced to a professional sound company, and the gentlemen were Muslim. I wondered how these guys would cope with hearing the inside story of Christianity. . . . On Thursday morning, I felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit to ask the guys if they wanted prayer. They agreed, and Zaheed called his team together. I grabbed +Martin to pray with me. On Friday morning when Thuli Madonsela arrived, Faried came down from his balcony seat and joined me in worship. He was really trying to learn the songs and to dance in time with the music. We joined hands and danced together.
–Colleen Thomas, Cape Town

“During Anglicans Ablaze, God graciously revealed a taste of heaven during our diverse worship. It blew my mind away!”
— Noon Chevalier, Cape Town

“What an absolutely fabulous AA conference. Our Windhoek group was 16 in which eight were teenagers. They loved it to bits.”
–Dean Mike Yates, St George’s Cathedral, Namibia

“This was my third AA conference, and this one will be in my heart forever because it not only dealt with spiritual matters but also dealt with issues that young people face daily–drug abuse, sex and gangsterism. Hosting Mme Thuli Madonsela and the social justice panel was good, and young people were offered an opportunity to ask or raise their concerns. I thought going to the UK was the highlight of my life, but attending this year’s AA will be the highlight of my life for a very long time.”
–Kgowe Moleme, Matlosane

“What stood out for me is that God loves us, and he wants us to have a relationship with him.”
–Logan Harris, 15, Cape Town

“To me the conference was life changing and a really great experience. I listened and learned a few things that I never would have. . . It was really great to meet a lot of different people from all over the country and world.”
–Janilee Meiring, Cape Town

“Thank you for your prophetic final message, Trevor. I think the issue of unity is the one that is facing us, and I do believe that our Province has the unique possibility of saying to the world: We can hold different views and yet we can stand together.”
–Revd Dr Rachel Mash, Green Anglicans

“I was struck by the amount of thought and obvious prayer that went into every session from the Eucharist and worship to the plenary sessions and logistics. The Holy Spirit’s presence was hovering and evident throughout. Every session was impressive, and I appreciated how well the spiritual talks were merged with our social responsibility.”
–Estelle August, Christ the King

“It was truly a blessing to be at the conference. Every minute was soaked in the presence of the Holy Spirit, and people responded accordingly.”
–Johan Ferndale, Cape Town

“On Thursday after the “sex talk” in the youth auditorium, the platform was open for ministry. This was the first time l could share with a someone the story of what happened in my life earlier this year. I had been trapped in guilt, shame and hopelessness for four months but walking around saying to people and myself that ‘l am okay.’ That ministry time was my saving grace because l suddenly thought more clearly and more sensibly and slowly experienced the grace of God over my life.”
–Young Lady, St Mark’s the Evangelist

“Having attended the 2014 conference as well, I enjoyed the quality of the youth track in 2016. Even the sound crew, who we learnt were Muslim, sometimes struggled, sometimes embraced the deep and penetrating messages by the speakers. Seeds were planted in those sessions.”
–Brad Sitzer, False Bay

“Anglicans Ablaze was immensely filled with the Spirit of love and grace. . . . To all who worked tirelessly for the Kingdom of God, much thanks and appreciation.”
–Revd Ronald Dias, Cape Town