Just In! Media for the Western Cape Anglicans Ablaze to help you spread the word.


Inspired and encouraged by the outcome of the last two Anglicans Ablaze conferences and prayerful and hopeful that we will continue to 

"celebrate and experience God’s love pouring through us all, transforming us into a holistic life of evangelism, discipleship, integral mission and social justice,"

Archbishop Thabo appealed to the Diocese of Cape Town in his 2014 Charge to the Diocesean Synod to organise a diocesan 'Ablaze'. Happily and wholeheartedly 'rising to the challenge,' the Diocese of Cape Town, along with the Dioceses of False Bay and Saldanha Bay and with the blessing and support of their bishops, will hold the first ever Anglicans Ablaze Western Cape on

1-2 May 2015 @ Bishops College, Rondebosch

All Anglicans are invited to attend. (On 30 April, there will be a conference for clergy and fulltime lay-workers. More details to come.)

As a response to Archbishop Thabo's challenge, the theme of the conference is called "Rising to the Challenge," and it will address the holistic mission of the church. The details of the conference are still being planned, but two of the principal speakers will be Archbishop Stephen Brislin, the Catholic archbishop, and Professor Brian O'Connell, the former rector of the University of the Western Cape. Among topics that the conference will address are

  • the mission of the church
  • education
  • re-imagining church
  • unemployment
  • leadership
  • liturgy and worship
  • youth
  • faith and the family
  • the environment.

Please spread the word about this conference with your family and friends and "chat it up" on your social networks. And please keep the conference organisers--Revds. Basil Davids, Deon Faro, Xola Mlandu and Denver Heugh--and their support team, the GtC staff, in your prayers.